About jen.alsojill

Jen is a travel enthusiast who has explored many different parts of the world, from Taiwan to the Philippines and even Perth. Throughout her travels, she has developed a passion for creating unique and delightful scents that evoke memories of her journeys. Recently, she has been focusing on creating woody and clean scents, inspired by the smell of conch shells and the natural surroundings of her travels.

To bring her scents to life, Jen has started making candles in unique and portable tins since November 2021. These candles are not only beautifully scented, but also easy to carry around and enjoy no matter where her travels take her. With her love for travel and her passion for creating unique scents, Jen has found a way to share her experiences with others and bring a little bit of the world into their homes.

Whether you're a fellow traveler looking for a way to bring a piece of your travels home, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and intricacy of unique scents, Jen's conch shell candles and tin candles are sure to delight. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship, and the beauty of the natural world, Jen has created something truly special that is sure to spark joy and inspire wanderlust in all who experience it.