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Vintage Trinket Jar

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復古時光寶盒 (也可製成蠟燭罐)

Each jar is individually made in Perth, WA
Sealed with
high quality sealer to help repel liquids.

- Ivory beach 牙白沙灘
- Cerulean sky 粉蔚藍
- Baby violet 粉紫鳶

Custom candle jar 
- Let't wild life 90g 澳洲野林
- Sage wood 90g  鼠尾木質

寬 Width 8 cm  ± 0.5
高 Height  3.7 cm ± 0.5 (no lid)
高 Height  9.3 cm ± 0.5 (with lid)
重 Weight  220g  ± 3

Every piece is unique and color will slight
differences as product is made to order.
Surface air bubbles naturally
occur with this product when casting.

每件天然石膏飾品罐 都是純手工製作
製成後會有產生微小氣孔 是自然現象
並非瑕疵品 會介意者訂購下單前請考慮